Charles H Conover

My great grandfather Charles Conover was born in 1857 near Crosstown at the border of Clermont and Brown Counties, Ohio. He grew up on the farm his parents Noah and Lucinda kept, and relocated with them to the Loveland area in Warren County about 1874 or so. In 1880 he married Emma Cole,the daughter of David Cole and Martha Long. In the 1880 census, he was listed as a "huckster" and they were living with his widowed mother in the home his parents built.

In 1883 he bought three small parcels of land from Ida Murdoch, just up the road from where his parents' house was, at an intersection of two roads called Murdoch. In 1893, he added another 90+ acres to his holdings which he bought from Ellen Walker. He and Emma had ten children before he died of consumption in 1897 at the age of 40. Emma passed away in 1902, leaving the minor children under the guardianship of Dr. William F. Moss, a physician. The farm was sold off (to Dr. Moss) to raise the funds necessary for the care of the minor children that were left.

William Lloyd Conover, also known as to W. Conover (1881-1947). Loyd married Ida Walker in 1900, Ida was the daughter of Luther Walker and Nancy Jane Gillis. In 1910, he was listed on the census as a vegetable peddler living on Main Street in Loveland. They had five children. William and Ida are buried in Maineville Cemetery in Warren County.

Blanche Conover (1883-1960). Blanche married Ed Bailey in 1904. In 1910, they were living in Norwood. They are buried in Goshen Cemetery on the lot that Emma Cole Conover bought.

Carrie Conover (1885-1905). Carrie died of consumption in 1905, and had been living at Dr. Moss' for some months prior.

Charles Raymond, also known as Raymond C. Conover (1888-1925). In 1910 he was boarding in a house in Cincinnati and working as a bookkeeper for a cigar manufacturer.

Edgar Murdock Conover (1890-1961). In 1910, Edgar ("Edward" on the census) appears in Blanche and Ed Bailey's home in Norwood, on Silver Avenue. Age 20, he's a hand in a machine shop. Hannah Kiester and her daughters were living in Ross Flats at the corner of Ross and Main in Norwood in 1910, and Anna Mae Kiester probably met Edgar Conover about this time. Anna Mae and Edgar were married in 1912.

Walter Harrison Conover (1892-1954). In 1910, when he was 18, he was a finisher in a furniture factory boarding on Main Avenue in Norwood. He married Rose Bauer. Walter is buried in Goshen Cemetery, while Rose is buried in Pisgah Ridge Cemetery, near Ripley, Brown County, Ohio.

Ida May Conover (1894-1979). Ida was living at the home of her aunt in 1910, Clara Donnells Conover, widow of Elmer, the youngest child of Noah and Lucinda. They resided in or near Loveland. Ida married Fred Eickbush, and she, at least, is buried at Arlington Memorial Cemetery in Cincinnati.

Irene Conover (1895-1913). Irene was in the home of Mary Spurling in 1910, and was still there when she died in 1913 at the age of 18. Mollie Spurling lived near Loveland as well, a few doors away from Clara Conover and Irene's sister Ida May.

Twins John Shermon Conover and Phillip Sheridan Conover. Shermon lived from 1897 to 1917, and Phillip Sheridan died in infancy. Shermon was in the home of William Snook in 1910, near Loveland.

When Emma died and the children were left without parents, the eldest took in some of their siblings, and the youngest stayed with relatives or neighbors in the Murdoch/Loveland area. The farm was sold off to provide for the care of the children.

I hope I've managed to get a good start on describing the story of Noah Conover and his descendants. There is much more to do and I'll continue to add to this description as more information becomes available.

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