Henry Fehrmann, Baker on Spring Grove Avenue in Cumminsville

Starting with the 1900 census, we can find Henry Fehrmann, age 50 and a Baker at 3815 Spring Grove, with his wife Henrietta, age 48, whom he married about 1871 or 1872. Three children are living in their household: Annie age 27, Leula age 24, and Edna age 10.

Back to 1880, there is Henry and wife Louisa; Henry is a baker on Hamilton Pike, and is aged 30. Louisa is age 28. Children are Anna age 7, William age 6, Louisa age 4, and Henry, who was not yet a year old in June of that year. Except for some of the first names, the ages agree well. William would have been 26 in the 1900 census, and probably living elsewhere. A baptism record indicates Heinrich Ludwig Fehrmann was born on 30 Aug, 1879 to Heinrich and Louisa Voigt.

A restored marriage record from the books of First United Church of Christ on Hoffner Street in the Northside reports that a Heinrich Fehrmann married Henriette Vogt on 31 August of 1871.

We can find a marriage record for William L. Fehrmann and Matilda Anthers in 1900 at the Hamilton County Probate Court. William is age 26, and a baker on Spring Grove. This is supported by their census listing in 1900.

Henry and Henrietta are in the 1910 census with daughters Anna and Edna; Henry is a baker on Spring Grove.

Vital Records in Cincinnati contain three records for births of unnamed children. One, a male, was born 25 August 1886 to Henry and Louis Fehrmann, Henry being a baker. Another, a female on 21 March 1885 to Henry and Louisa (no other information). The thrid was a male born 25 April 1893 to Henry J Fehrmann and Louisa Voight of 2017 Spring Grove, Henry being a baker.

In the 1920 census, we see Henry and Henrietta, this time on Powers Street, with Anna and Ben Saiter living with them. And in the household of William L. Fehrmann and Matilda at 3810 Spring Grove, sons Harold E, born in 1902 and Willis E. are living with them. An obituary for Harold E. Fehrmann, a baker, appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer on June 28, 1958.

In "History of Cumminsville 1792-1914" (published in 1914 and available at the Cincinnati Historical Society Research Library) there is a short biography of William L. Fehrman:

Wm. L. Fehrman is the son of Henry Fehrman, one of the old pioneers of this community. Henry Fehrman came to America when he was six years of age, and settled in Cumminsville forty-one years ago, being employed in the rope-walk which was located on Breman Avenue.

He then started a bakery on Spring Grove Avenue, south of Elmore Street, where he was quite successful. About twenty years ago he built a house at the corner of Elmore Street and Spring Grove Avenue, in which building the bakery is still located.

In 1912 he transferred the business to his son Wm. L., who is successfully following the footsteps of his father. The father is still living with the son, and is active in the affairs of the firm.

Henry Fehrman has always taken an active interest in all civic affairs of the community, and has always looked to the betterment of the Cumminsville. Wm. L. Fehrman is an active member of the Northside Business Club, and always willing to lend any assistance which assists the progress of Cumminsville.

Note: A rope-walk is a long narrow building where rope is made.


The census for Henry indicates he was born in Germany in 1850, so he would have arrived in America in 1856. The biography of Wm. L. indicates he arrived in the Northside about 1873 to set up the bakery.

The first listing in the Cincinnati City Directory for a Henry Fehrmann is in 1873, a baker on Hamilton Pike. Also in the edition of that directory, a Louis is listed as a grocer on Ludlow Avenue in Cumminsville for the first time. Another group of Fehrmans (the Christian Fehrmann family) had been and continues to be found at 700 Main Street.

In 1878, Henry is located at the southeast corner of Spring Grove and Elmore, which agrees with the statement in the biography about relocating the bakery; Louis a still a grocer on Ludlow, but a John is listed as boarding at Henry's place.

In 1879, Louis the grocer is missing, but a Mrs. Christine has a grocery on Ludlow (she's listed as Mrs. L. Fehrmannin 1881, and as Christina in 1883). John and Louis are now boarding at the corner of Spring Grove and Elmore, as bakers.

Wm. L. Fehrmann show up in the directory the first time in 1898, as a baker at 3815 Spring Grove. He would have been about 22 years of age when he apparently became employed in his father's bakery.

A restored naturalization record in Hamilton County lists a Henry Fehrmann who immigrated in March of 1856 from Bremen, and arrived in New York under the age of 18 years. He was naturalized on 30 August 1871 in Hamilton County Probate Court.

Another restored naturalization for Louis Fehrmann, which occurred on the same day in 1871, was attested to by a Joseph T. Kalin who lives on Ludlow Avenue, and a Henry Fehrmann who said "I immigrated with my parents in Spring of 1856 when I was six years old. Louis Fehrmann is my father".