The Christian Fehrmann Family

Christian Fehrmann was a cooper who owned his own home on Main Street. He and his wife Caroline were both born in Prussia, and were the progenitors of a large clan of Fehrmanns in Cincinnati.

A good introduction to this family is the 1870 census, where his family is enumerated in the 11th ward at 700 Main Street (which we find from the city directory; the address was not recorded on the 1870 census):

Fehrmann, Christian, age 37, working for a cooper, value of real estate is $3000.

Mrs. Carol, age 42

Annie, age 17

Mary, age 15

Louisa, age 12

Caroline, age 10

Henry, age 7

Minnie, age 6

Charles, age 2

Vinetta, age 1 month on July 1, 1870.

They are sharing their house with Frederick and Christine Reuter and their children. Frederick is a tinner and is 35, while Christine is 26.

In 1880, the census record is very similar, but Annie is no longer in the household, and Christian listed himself as "Fred".

In 1900, Christian and Carrie live at 1732 Main (I suspect the houses were re-numbered) with their daughters Minnie and Nettie. They said they arrived in the US in 1860 (40 years prior), and have been married 42 years, presumably in Germany. Carrie has had eight children, and all were still living.

In the same house were Charles and his wife Millie (married ten years) and their two daughters Ida and Bernette, ages 8 and 7 respectively. And, Henry and his wife Dina, recently wed.

In 1910, the household of Henry L Fehrmann and his wife Bernadine includes their 9-year old son Walter C, as well as two sisters-in-law, Anne and Minne Shulte, suggesting Bernadine was born Shulte.

Nettie lived all her life in her parents home, dying single at age 36 in 1906. She is buried at Vine Street Cemetery in Cincinnati.

Charles died in 1944 and is buried at Vine Street. He is listed as the son of Christian Fehrmann and Caroline Wehman., and the husband of Amelia. Amelia died in 1954, the daughter of Ludwig & Wilhelmina Meier.

Minnie is listed in the Vine Street records as Minnie Fehrman, wife of Robert Hess, daughter of Christian Fehrman and Caroline Wehman. She died in 1964.

Henry was buried at Vine Street in 1934, husband of Bernadine Shulte, brother-in-law of Anna Shulte, confirming the earlier census record.

I do not know what happened to daughters Caroline, Louisa, Mary, or Annie.

Christian died on February 17, 1905, and Caroline 6 days later. Both are buried at Vine Street Cemetery.

A Caroline Fehrmann appears in the 1871 directory as a widow living in Christian's house. This might be Christian's mother.

Christian appears in the directory for the first time in 1860, the year he said he arrived in the US.