Miscellaneous People and Loose Ends

Loose end 1--Christian Fehrmann

An 1860 census listing for the 11th ward contains:

Christian H. Fehrman, age 56, a wood sawyer from Prussia

Caroline,age 58 from Prussia

Henry, age 22, a cooper from Prussia

This might be Christian the cooper's parents, and a brother. A Caroline is found in Christian's house as a widow in the 1871 city directory,

    1857 FEHRMANN     Henry       cooper          164 Clay           

                      L           tailor          22 Abigail         

    1858 None listed                                                 

    1859 FEHRMANN     Henry       cooper          ss Liberty         

    1860 FEHRMAN      Hy          wood sawyer     64 Hughes          

         FEHRMANN     Christian   cooper          wks 16 Schiller    

    1861 FEHRMANN     Christian   cooper          Schiller           

                      Henry       cooper          sec Liberty        

                      Hy          lab             64 Hughes          

    1862 FEHRMANN     ________    laborer         66 Hughs           

                      Christian                   59 W Liberty       

    1863 FEHRMAN      Henry                       66 Hughs           

         FEHRMANN     Christian   cooper          59 Liberty         

    1864 FEHRMAN      Bernhard    lab             20 Abigail         

         FEHRMANN     Christ      cooper          31 Hughs           

                      Hy          cooper          31 Hughs           

                      Valentine   baker           67 Bremen          

    1865 None listed                                                 

    1866 FEHRMAN      Christian   cooper          wks Schiller       

    1867 FEHRMAN      Christian   cooper          31 Hughes          

    1868 FEHRMAN      Christian   cooper          700 Main           

    1869 FEHRMAN      Christ.     cooper          700 Main           

    1870              Christ.     cooper          700 Main           

    1871 FEHRMANN     Caroline    widow           700 Main           

                      Christ.     cooper          700 Main           

The 1864 entry suggests a link between our Christian and "Hy", as both are residing at the same address. A wood sawyer anda cooper might well be working in the same factory, and the occupations may be somewhat interchangeable when described.

And Christian H on the 1860 census might also be known as Henry.

Passenger lists might be used well to identify these families more precisely.

Loose End 2--Louise and Frederick Wiehe

The 1870 census lists the family of Frederick Wiehe:

Wiehe, Frederick, age 29, from Prussia

Mrs. Louisa, age 28 from Prussia

Henry, age 7

Annie, age 6

Maria, age 3

Fehrmann, Katherin, age 63, a widow from Prussia

A marriage record for Friedrich Wiehe and Karolina Fehrmann on 27 July 1862 exists. And, a Frederick Wiehe appears as a witness in a baptism for Louisa, the daughter of Louis Fehrmann.

This Katherine might be the mother of Louis Fehrmann.

Loose End 3--The Indiana Connection

While in Cincinnati, I learned of another family of Fehrman(n)s from Ripley County, Indiana, several of which are apparently buried at St. Marys, a Roman Catholic cemetery.

A death certificate from 1910 for a George W Fehrman, buried at Spring Grove says he was born in Indiana in 1839. His father is listed as George, and mother is Kath Weaver, both born in Germany. The informant is Mrs. Alice Fehrman Engels, 1209 Elm Street.

A death announcement in 1902 for an Anna Ruth Fehrman exists. Her mother is an Engels at 1209 Elm Street.

Cemetery research at St. Mary's and Spring Grove, and census checks for Ripley County Indiana would be the next step to pursue these people.