Genealogy Report Flannery

Descendants of John Flannery

Generation One

1. John1 Flannery married Ann (--?--).

Children were:

Patrick was my great-great-grandfather. The only source for his birth location seems to be his burial record at the cemetery, so his birth place and parents' names were likely supplied by his wife at the time of his death.


Generation Two

2. Patrick2 Flannery (John1 ) was born in Mar 1832 at Roscommon, Ireland. He married Annie Tracey, daughter of Cornelius Tracey and Hanora McManus, on 28 May 1857 at St. Francis Xavier, Cincinnati. He died on 22 Jun 1906 at age 74. He was buried at St. Joseph's New Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

He is in James Connelly's household in the 1900 Census, and is listed as a father-in-law to James. His occupation was always listed as "laborer".

3. i. Anne3 , born circa 18 Feb 1858 at Cincinnati, Ohio; married James Connelly.

Generation Three

3. Anne3 Flannery (Patrick2, John1 ) was born circa 18 Feb 1858 at Cincinnati, Ohio. She was baptized on 20 Feb 1858 at St Xavier's in Cincinnati. She married James Connelly, son of William Connelly and Anna Heaney, on 4 Jun 1881 at Holy Cross, Cincinnati. She died on 9 Mar 1939 at 415 Pearl St, Reading, Ohio. .

Children of Anne3 Flannery and James Connelly were:

4. Mary "Mayme"3 Flannery (Patrick2, John1) was born in 1865 at Ohio. She married John Garvey, son of John Garvey and Ellen (--?--). She died on 3 Jul 1942 at 5022 Western Hills Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio. She was buried circa 6 Jul 1942 at St Joseph's New, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Children of Mary "Mayme"3 Flannery and John Garvey were as follows:

5. Patrick Joseph3 Flannery (Patrick2, John1 ) was born in 1869 in Cincinnati. He married Mathilda Sophia Puthoff, daughter of Johann Heinrich Frans Puthoff and Bernadina Willenburg, on 13 Apr 1904. He died on 10 Oct 1931 while living at 2835 Astoria Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio. He was buried on 14 Oct 1931 at St. Mary's Cemetery, St. Bernard, Ohio.

He was was a paper cutter for a paper house in 1910. He was was a cutter in a printing shop in 1920.

Children of Patrick Joseph3 Flannery and Mathilda Sophia Puthoff were:

6. Nora3 Flannery (Patrick2, John1) was born in Mar 1862 at Ohiio. She married Edward Brady, son of John Brady and Sarah (--?--), circa 1883. She died on 12 Oct 1930 at 360 Oregon St, Cincinnati, Ohio, at age 68. She was buried on 16 Oct 1930 at St Joseph's New Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Children of Nora3 Flannery and Edward Brady all born at Ohio were as follows:

Generation Four

7. William J4 Connelly (Anne3Flannery, Patrick2, John1 ) was born on 21 Jul 1881 at Cincinnati, Ohio. He married Stella Bicknell, daughter of Walter Ai Bicknell and Francis Seipel, on 1 May 1907. He died on 14 Aug 1965 at age 84. He was buried at Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Loveland, Ohio.

He was a factory worker, an assembler at Allis-Chalmers. Children of William J4 Connelly and Stella Bicknell both born in Cincinnati were:

8. Patrick James4 Connelly (Anne3Flannery, Patrick2, John1) was born on 29 Mar 1883 at 629 E 6th, Cincinnati, Ohio. He was baptized on 1 Apr 1883 at St. Xavier's, Cincinnati, Ohio. He married Dorothy M Waters, daughter of Michael H Waters and Augusta Phillips, circa 1914. He died on 23 Aug 1962 at 1114 Belvedere St., Cincinnati, Ohio, at age 79. He was buried on 27 Aug 1962 at St Joseph's New Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

He was a paper cutter at Rainbow Litho Co in 1933. He lived between 1933 and 1939 at 5609 Abbotsford, Cincinnati, OH. In 1945 he was living at 2047 Mills Avenue, Cincinnati.Children of Patrick James4 Connelly and Dorothy M Waters were as follows:

9. John Robert4 Connelly (Anne3Flannery, Patrick2, John1 ) was born on 12 Aug 1899 at OH. He married Stella Luxenberger, daughter of John Luxenberger and Elizabeth Beirleiu, on 15 Sep 1920 at Ohio. He died on 14 Aug 1978 at Mt. Adams, Cincinnati, at age 79. He was buried on 16 Aug 1978 at St. Joseph's New, Cincinnati

Children of John Robert4 Connelly and Stella Luxenberger were as follows:

10. Sarah4 Brady (Nora3Flannery, Patrick2, John1) was born in Dec 1895 at Ohio. She married Frank Miller on 26 May 1914.

Children of Sarah4 Brady and Frank Miller were as follows:

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