A Compilation of Flannery Arrivals in America



From this page you can download a spreadsheet of Flannerys, and spelling variants, extracted from online databases transcribed from the US Passenger Lists. The timeframes vary by port, but the full range covers the years 1800-1891:

Sources of the entries here are cited in worksheet number 2 of the spreadsheet.

About the Data

Name spellings are as they appear on the databases, so variants must be checked (Pat, Patrk, Patk, Patrick, etc). The usual surname variations (Flannery, Flanary, Flannelly, etc.) are here as well as some quite creative spellings.

The actual films must be checked if you find someone here. The films are at the National Archives, and are in chronological order by port; other repositories also have films. A growing number of ship list transcriptions are on the internet, so it might be worthwhile to do a search on the ship name once you find it.

While a ship might have left from Liverpool, it likely stopped at an Irish port to pick up more passengers.

Don't expect passenger lists to provide extensive genealogical or identification information. One needs to know a date and a port in most cases to spot a person. Finding someone is much easier if a family group traveled together, and you know their names and ages.

The spreadsheet can be sorted to identify possible family groups on the same ship. “Arrival Date” has been stored on the databases in four different formats, so it cannot be used for sorting. I've converted these different date formats to separate columns for arrival month, day, and year, which can be used for sorting.

Download the Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is in Microsoft Excel format, though it was built with OpenOffice.org. It is about 190K large, and contains over 1800 rows. It is "zipped" to allow faster downloading.





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