Martin Van Buren Perley

Martin Van Buren Perley, editor and author, was born in Ipswich, Mass. Nov 26, 1835, a descendant of Allan Perley, who came from Wales in 1630. He graduated from Topsfield Academy and became a teacher in Royalston, Mass. He taught also in Boxford, Ipswich, and Gloucester, Mass, while getting a degree from Dartmouth College.

From 1966-1872 he was a dry goods merchandiser, until a fire destroyed his business.

He became the editor and publisher of the Gloucester "Telegram", was editor of the Gloucester "Chronicle", was a correspondent for the Boston "Globe", was a publisher of directories and farmer's almanacs, and publisher of the "Essex County Historical and Genealogical Register".

He was the author of "History and Genealogy of the Perley Family" (1906) and of "Salem Village Witchcraft--Mrs. Elizabeth Howe's Trial" (1911).

He was a Congregationalist, and studied the Bible in Greek and Hebrew. He was the father of seven children, and died in Danvers, Mass on September 3, 1926 at age 90.


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