Genealogy Report Puthoff

Descendants of Frans Puthoff

Generation One

1. Frans1 Puthoff; m. Anna Maria Meier 3 Nov 1795 at St. Viktor's, Damme, Oldenburg.

Children of Frans1 Puthoff and Anna Maria Meier were as follows:

Generation Two

2. Johann Heinrich2 Puthoff (Frans1); b. 2 Nov 1802 at Damme, Oldenburg; m. Maria Elisabeth Schroder 17 Feb 1829 at St. Viktor's, Damme, Oldenburg; d. 2 Dec 1878 at 109 Clark St, Cincinnati, Ohio, at age 76.

Children of Johann Heinrich2 Puthoff and Maria Elisabeth Schroder were as follows:

Generation Three

3. Johann Heinrich Frans3 Puthoff (Johann2, Frans1); b. 26 Jul 1832 at Damme, Oldenburg; m. Bernadina Willenburg, daughter of Henry Willenburg and Elizabeth Shoemaker, 1 Nov 1864 at St Anthony (Budd St), Cincinnati, Ohio; d. 9 Sep 1897 at 1324 Clay, Cincinnati, Ohio, at age 65; bur. circa 12 Sep 1897 at St Mary's Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

He appears to have been married one time before, which has been confirmed by family. I don't know at this time anything about his first wife.

Henry ran a grocery with his brother Bernard.

Children of Johann Heinrich Frans3 Puthoff and Bernadina Willenburg were as follows:

4. Bernard Heinrich3 Puthoff (Johann2, Frans1); b. 3 Oct 1834 at Germany; m. Clara Elizabeth Klenke, daughter of Henry Klenke, circa 1864; d. 28 Jun 1911 at 1212 Broadway, Cincinnati, Ohio, at age 76; bur. 1 Jul 1911 at St Joseph's, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Children of Bernard Heinrich3 Puthoff and Clara Elizabeth Klenke were as follows:

5. Frans3 Puthoff (Johann2, Frans1); b. 27 Nov 1847 at Damme, Oldenburg; m. Mary Klenke, daughter of Henry Klenke and Elizabeth Treutman; d. 27 Mar 1931 at 559 Milton, Cincinnati, Ohio, at age 83; bur. 31 Mar 1931 at St Mary's Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

He was a cigar maker.

Children of Frans3 Puthoff and Mary Klenke were as follows:

Generation Four

6. Henry4 Puthoff (Johann3, Johann2, Frans1); b. 1857 at Ohio; m. Elizabeth Schafstall; d. 8 Nov 1892 at 79 Spring St, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Children of Henry4 Puthoff and Elizabeth Schafstall were as follows:

7. Mathilda Sophia4 Puthoff (Johann3, Johann2, Frans1); b. 17 Jul 1879 at Cincinnati, Ohio; m. Patrick Joseph Flannery, son of Patrick Flannery and Annie Tracey, 13 Apr 1904 at Cincinnati, Ohio; d. 24 Mar 1958 at 2335 Astoria Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio, at age 78; bur. 27 Mar 1958 at St. Mary's Cemetery, St. Bernard, Ohio.

Children of Mathilda Sophia4 Puthoff and Patrick Joseph Flannery were as follows:

8. Augusta4 Puthoff (Johann3, Johann2, Frans1); b. Oct 1880 at Ohio; m. George J Giesting, son of George Giesting and Mary E Marquard; d. circa 12 May 1950; bur. 15 May 1950 at St Joseph's Old Cemetery.

Children of Augusta4 Puthoff and George J Giesting were as follows:

9. Joseph4 Puthoff (Frans3, Johann2, Frans1); b. 27 Jan 1884 at Cincinnati, Ohio; m. Catherine Baptist; d. 18 Oct 1918 at 1716 Highland Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio, at age 34; bur. 22 Oct 1918 at St Mary's Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

He was a street car motorman in 1918.

Children of Joseph4 Puthoff and Catherine Baptist were as follows:

10. Aloysius Henry4 Puthoff (Frans3, Johann2, Frans1); b. 6 Apr 1897 at Cincinnati; m. Alvina Prues, daughter of Henry Prues and Mary Bucker; d. 4 Jul 1971 at 1743 Dale Road, Cincinnati, Ohio, at age 74; bur. 7 Jul 1971 at Calvary Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Children of Aloysius Henry4 Puthoff and Alvina Prues were as follows:

11. Albert H4 Puthoff (Frans3, Johann2, Frans1); b. 29 Mar 1901 at Cincinnati, Ohio; m. Margaret Meiners; d. 6 Aug 1992 at 3746 Herbert Ave, Cheviot, Ohio, at age 91; bur. 10 Aug 1992 at St Mary's Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Children of Albert H4 Puthoff and Margaret Meiners were as follows: