Contents of the Reuben Rickabaugh Probate File

Page 1. Proof of publication and newspaper ad. The ad ran in the Iron Valley Express, Jackson, Ohio, for four weeks starting the 6th of January, 1859. 

Page 2. Exhibit A: The JP attests that Reuben appeared before him on 17 May 1844 to sign the agreement.

Page 3. First page of the agreement.  Reuben sells his land to his (supposed) son Isaac with the provisions that he not receive the deed until one year after the death Mary Rickabaugh and that he make payments to the other children as outlined in the agreement.  Payments are as thus: $100 to George Rickabaugh, and to David Rickabaugh.  $100 to Mary Trusler, $100 to Reuben Rickabaugh Jr, $100 to Dudley Rickabaugh, and $100 to Elizabeth Jane Rickabaugh.

Page 4. Second page of the agreement. Isaac is to have possession of the land on 1 September.  Signed by Reuben and Isaac, attested to by JP Skinner, and Samuel S. Paine.  Notation included on this image idicates Isaac Rickabaugh is of Reeds Mills, Vinton County, Ohio.

Page 5. First page of the petition to sell land by James Martin. Frankly, these pages were in my file when I scanned the images.  I cannot say whether I found these in the case file for Reuben or not.  They probably relate to the family of Reuben's wife, Mary Martin, but I don't know how.

Page 6. Second page to sell land by James Martin

Page 7. Exhibit C: Mary Rickabaugh releases Isaac from any obligations. The date is difficult to read; is it 1 December 1855?  Attested to by William J Merritt. 

Pages 8 though 13. Porter Duhadway's filing in 1859 to complete the agreement. Filed 13 January 1859, this is a rather long-winded petition to assure Isaac of his rights to the land.

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There are some items found in the file which I didn't photocopy, so do not appear here:

Exhibit 4: Receipt from Reuben Rickabaugh dated 10 September 1845.  These receipts establish that Isaac has fulfilled his obligations to his siblings.  The stipulated payments occur on various dates, probably when his siblings came of age. 

Exhibit 7: Receipt from George Rickabaugh dated 28 September 1858

Exhibit 1: Receipt from George Rickabaugh dated 1 June 1844

Exhibit 2: Receipt from David Rickabaugh dated 10 September 1845

Exhibit 3: Receipt from Mary Trusler dated 3 September 1857 or 1851

Exhibit 5: Receipt from Dudley Rickabaugh dated 7 March 1846

Exhibit 6: Receipt from Daniel Merritt and Elizabeth Merritt dated 24 September 1853

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