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I've prepared a booklet called "The Sittason Family of New Albany", and it's available in PDF format. You can download it here,but you'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.


Claude Sittason and his wife Hattie appear in the 1920 census with their children Charles, Ray Lathrop, and Bettie Jane at 3141 Woodsfield Ave, Cincinnati. Claude's father, Samuel E Sittason is also a member of the household, at age 66. Both Samuel and Claude were born in Indiana.


Twenty years earlier, the census of New Albany, Indiana shows Claude at age 12 in his parents' house with his younger sister Alma. Samuel and his wife Gertude (she was a music teacher before she married) also board Gertrude's mother, Caroline Sipfley and a niece, Flora Sines. Caroline Fritsch was born in Germany in 1831, came to this country in 1851, and married Jacob Sipfley shortly after that. Gertrude had a younger sister, Mary, born in 1864. Jacob died before 1900, Getrude passed away in 1917. It was likely after Gertrude died that Samuel moved to Cincinnati to live with his son Claude's family.


In 1880, Samuel (Eugene in the census) is in his father's household. Daniel E Sittason was born in Kentucky in 1822, and married Amanda Lathrop in 1850 in Perry County, Indiana. They moved to New Albany about 1852. Besides Samuel, they had two other sons, Claudius and Eddie, and three daughters: Jennie, Sallie, and Minnie. Amanda died around 1872, and Daniel married Indiana Brown in 1875. Daniel was a contractor and builder in New Albany, and during the Civil War he served as a city councilman from the first ward. He served briefly in the Mexican War in 1846, being discharged after 3 months for suffering from "brain fever" brought on by the hot climate.


Daniel's apparent brother Laban served in the Civil War, and at times boarded with Daniel. I've not found any evidence that Laban married. Laban tried to get a pension for his war service, but because he claimed he was disabled from a "shell" wound to the head, and not a bullet wound, his claim was denied.


I presume the Daniel Citizen in Louisville is Daniel E Sittason's father. Daniel Citizen was born in 1777 in Somerset Maryland, and died in New Albany in 1856. He was a ship builder in Louisville.


When Daniel married Amanda in 1850, his name was spelled "Citizen". By the time he was a council member, his preferred spelling was "Sittason". I think it can be said that it was Daniel E. Sittason that changed the usual spelling of the family name to "Sittason" sometime shortly before the Civil War.

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