The Seattle and Galway Stones

A stone monument was erected in 1993 in Galway City, Ireland, in honor of the "Twin City" relationship to Seattle, Washington. A similar monument was placed in Seattle in 1998. These two stones "point" to each other, each indicating the direction of a line straight through the planet. Click on a photo to see a larger version.
The "Galway Stone" in Seattle The "Seattle Stone" in Galway
  The stone in Ireland is easy to find, as it occupies a spot in a prominent square. The Seattle stone is across the street from Pier 66 on the waterfront. While this is well known as being the cruise ship terminal, few of the many people there would have a reason to cross the busy street to see the stone.

Each stone has a surveyor's monument on top indicating the latitude and longitude of the other location. On a sloped face (angled to point to the other stone) is another monument indicating the distance.

Commemorative plaques describe the project in two languages, and attribute the public officials and citizens involved in the effort.

The project was designed by Seattle artist Don Scott (1937-1985).  



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