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1 1860 US Census [S23]
2 1870 US Census [S37]
3 1880 US Census [S35]
4 1900 US Census [S3]
5 1910 US Census [S97]
6 1920 US Census [S76]
7 Andy and Lis Woebkenberg, Recipient: Martin Cassidy, Addres s: Damme, Germany, Author E-mail: [S107]
8 Archdiocese of Cincinnati [S92]
9 Baptism for Patrick James Connelly [S96]
10 Birth Certificate for James Connelly [S34]
11 Birth Certificate for James Connelly [S50]
12 Birth Certificate for Martha Connelly [S29]
13 Birth Certificate for Martha L. Waters. [S106]
14 Birth Certificate for Unnamed Connelly [S59]
15 Birth Records at Cincinnati Vitals [S102]
16 Burial Record for Martha Pipp [S86]
17 California Death Index [S116]
18 Cemetery record for James Connelly [S79]
19 Certificate of Death for Anna Connelly [S32]
20 Certificate of Death for Augusta Phillips Waters [S72]
21 Certificate of Death for Berna Brackmeier [S122]
22 Certificate of Death for Hanora Brady [S112]
23 Certificate of Death for James Connelly [S22]
24 Certificate of Death for Margaret Holmes [S120]
25 Certificate of Death for Nora Besse [S121]
26 Certificate of Death for Patrick J. Connelly [S39]
27 Certificate of Death for Stella Volz [S123]
28 Certificate of Death for William Connelly, Name Of Person: William Connelly [S26]
29 Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society Statistics, 1880-1987 , St Joseph’s and St Mary's [S100]
30 Cincinnati City Directory [S24]
31 Cincinnati Daily Commercial Death Notices 1858-1899 [S54]
32 Cincinnati Enquirer, Page: 52:2 [S57]
33 Cincinnati Enquirer, Page: B5:8 [S43]
34 Cincinnati Enquirer [S2]
35 Cincinnati Enquirer [S70]
36 Cincinnati Post, Page: 5:1 [S56]
37 Cincinnati Post [S14]
38 Cincinnati Post [S28]
39 Cincinnati Post [S55]
40 Cincinnati Post [S95]
41 Cincinnati Post-Times-Star, Page: 16:1 [S87]
42 Cincinnati Times-Star, Location: Cincinnati, Ohio [S110]
43 Cincinnati Volksfreund [S18]
44 Cincinnati Volksfreund [S58]
45 Combat Connected Naval Casualties, World War II [S62]
46 Conversation with Lou Connelly, Informant Address: Kentucky [S73]
47 Conversions with Carol Suzuki, from March 2001, Informant Address: Ohio [S104]
48 Death certificate for Elien Connelly [S48]
49 Death certificate for James J Connelly [S74]
50 Death certificate for John R Connelly [S49]
51 Death certificate for Mary Heany [S42]
52 Death Certificate for Michael Waters [S38]
53 Death certificate for William J Connelly [S41]
54 Fifteenth Census of the United States: 1930 Population Sche dule [S115]
55 Groups sheets filled in by Martha Huber [S71]
56 Hamilton County Vital Records [S103]
57 History and Genealogy of the Bicknell Family and Some Collateral Lines [S30]
58 Interment data from St. Joseph’s for Patrick Flannery [S60]
59 Interment record for Ann Flannery [S61]
60 Interment record for Augusuta Waters [S66]
61 Interment record for Cornelius Flannery [S67]
62 Interment record for Jeremeiah Tracy [S68]
63 Interment record for Louis Charles Waters [S63]
64 Interment record for Michael Waters [S64]
65 Interment record for Patrick Tracy [S69]
66 Interment Record for William J Connelly [S89]
67 Interview with Lou Connelly [S27]
68 Kentucky Post [S126]
69 Marriage Certificate for Robert Patrick Connelly and Mary J ean Meidel [S93]
70 Marriage License for Patrick Flannery and Mathilda Putthoff [S113]
71 Marriage Record for John Connelly and Stella Luxenberger [S80]
72 Marriage Record for Mary Connelly [S84]
73 Marriage record for Mayme Waters and Charles Dudley [S94]
74 Marriage Record for Nora Connelly [S85]
75 Marriage Record of Charles Pipp [S81]
76 Mike Sweeney’s family group sheets for George W Holmes, Compiler Address: Ft. Thomas, Kentucky [S25]
77 Obituary for Ethel C. Woeste, Page: c13:7 [S44]
78 Obituary for John Connelly Sr. [S46]
79 Obituary for Melba Bowers Wuenschel, Page: A11:8 [S90]
80 Obituary for Ruth Adkins, Page: B4:4 [S45]
81 Obituary for Stella Volz [S125]
83 Pam Adkins, conversations and letters [S51]
84 Photograph of grave marker [S82]
85 Registrum Matrimoniorum for Michael Walter and Augusta Phil lpis [S98]
86 Restored Declarations, HHamilton County [S77]
87 Restored Hamilton County Marriages, 1870-1884 [S31]
88 Social Security Death Index [S53]
89 Spring Grove Cemetery Burial Records [S117]
90 St Aloysius Chruch, Covington, Kentucky, Baptismal Records [S127]
91 St Joseph’s Cemetery Records [S52]
92 The Bicknell Genealogy 1981 Supplement to the 1913 Bicknell Genealogy [S40]
93 The Cincinnati Enquirer [S99]
94 Various Interviews with Mary E. Flannery, Informant Address : 2835 Astoria Ave, Cincinnati [S101]
95 Will and Probate records for James Connelly [S91]