The Cole and Long Families

Emma Cole Conover was the widow of Charles Conover when she died in May of 1902, leaving the farm in Murdock, Ohio and nine children ranging from ages 5 to 22.

Emma was born in January 1859 in Green township in Jay County, Indiana, the daughter of David Cole and Martha Long; David and Martha were married 7 January 1849 in Clermont County, Ohio and shortly after their first son Francis "Frank" was born they moved to Indiana accompanied by members of Martha's family. While there they added five girls to their family, including Emma. In 1866 they returned to Clermont County and had their last child, son James Marion Cole.

David died on 15 December 1893 and was buried in Goshen Cemetery (Clermont County, Ohio); his obituary, written by a neighbor, can be seen by clicking here.

David and Martha's family looked like this:

Francis "Frank" Cole was born 22 Dec 1849 in Perintown, Clermont County. Frank married Julia Patterson, and they had 5 children: William, Louisa, Harvey, Emma, and Louretta.

Serena was born about 1853, and married Alfred Gibbs in Clermont County in 1875. They moved to Kansas and Serena died there in 1889 soon after the birth of her third child.

Carrie was born in 1854 and married William Hewitt in 1878. Carrie died from suicide by hanging in 1917 at age 62. They apparently had no children.

Minerva was born in 1858 in Indiana; she married John Nelson Conover in 1877. He died in 1891 at age 42, and left Minerva with two girls, Harriet and Ethel. Minerva then married William Roat in 1894, and they one girl, Lida.

Emma was born in 1859 in Indiana, and married Charles Conover (brother of John Nelson Conover) in 1880. Charles died in 1897 at age 40.

Letitia was born in 1866 in Indiana, and never married. In 1920 she shared a home with her brother-in-law William Hewitt, and in 1930 she was in the household of Alfred Gibbs and his second wife.

James Marion was born in 1867 and married Cora Weaver about 1892. They had nine children.

I haven't pursued David's origins in Pennsylvania yet, but I have at least identified some Coles in the Washington County area that are probably his family. When I complete the research on him, I will insert that information here.

Martha Long's Family

Martha Long was born in 1829 in Pennsylvania, or at least that is what the 1850 census indicates. I've not been able to find any record of her death, and the last record I have of her is in 1900 in the household of her youngest son James and his wife. Nevertheless, here is what I do know about her.

Clermont County records show that David and Martha were married in January 1849, and they show up as a household in the 1850 census in Union Township (dwelling number 2833) with 12-year old Margaret born in Pennsylvania, presumably David's sister. Nearby in Union Township (dwelling number 2966) is the family of Elile and Priscilla Long, her parents. Her family was:

Elile Long , son of Noah Long and Sarah Gapin, was born in Nov 1798 Greene Twp, Washington, Pennsylvania. Elile married Priscilla Kay, daughter of William Kay and Sarah Deakins, about 1828 in Pennsylvania. Priscilla was born about 1808 in Pennsylvania.

Children from this marriage were:

Martha Long, born in 1829 in Pennsylvania. Married David Cole.

Sarah Long was born in 1832 in Ohio. She married Daniel Hill in 1857 in Indiana.

Elias Long was born in 1834 in Ohio.

Stephen Long was born in 1836 in Ohio. He married Mary E Bowman in 1875 in Clermont.

Ruth Long was born in 1839 in Ohio. Ruth married George Priest on 19 Apr 1855 in Jay, Indiana.

Elizabeth Long was born in 1843 in Ohio. She married Henry Haffner in 1862 in Jay, Indiana.

Silas Long was born in 1847 in Ohio. She married Amvrose Broadwell.

Mary E Long was born in 1854 in Indiana. She married J Schoonover.

Noah Long , son of John Long Jr and Ann Herrington, was born in 1756-1760 in Queen Anne's, Maryland and died about 1818 in Butler, Ohio. Noah married Sarah Gapin about 1782 in Queen Anne's, Maryland. Sarah was born on 6 Oct 1766.

Children from this marriage were:

John G Long was born about 1784 in Greene Twp, Washington, Pennsylvania and died in Jun 1831 in Butler Co, Ohio. John married Susannah K Vansickle on 13 Oct 1816 in Butler Co, Ohio.

Zachariah Long was born about 1786 in Greene Twp, Washington, Pennsylvania and died before 1822. Zachariah married Sarah about 1806.

Rachel Long was born about 1788 in Washington Co, Pennsylvania and died before 1822. Rachel married Jonathon Wright (b. 29 Jul 1785) about 1804.

Ruth Long was born about 1791 in Greene Twp, Washington Pennsylvania and died after Mar 1848 in Clermont Co, Ohio. Ruth married Eli B Davis on 10 Jan 1808.

Armel Long was born about 1792 in Washington Co, Pennsylvania and died between 1820-1830 in Butler Co, Ohio. Armel married Hannah G Crunden (b. Abt 1785, d. After 1850) on 24 Jul 1814 in Butler Co, Ohio.

Elile Long was born in Nov 1798 in Greene Twp, Washington, Pennsylvania. Elile married Priscilla Kay (b. Abt 1808) about 1828 in Pennsylvania.

Emaline Long was born on 21 May 1802 in Dunkard Twp, Greene, Pennsylvania and died in 1830 in Butler Co, Ohio. Emaline married Jesse Page on 29 Jan 1824 in Butler Co, Ohio.

Nancy Long was born on 7 Jan 1803 in Dunkard Twp, Greene, Pennsylvania. Nancy married David Hufford (b. Between 1775-1794) on 28 Jan 1819. Nancy next married George S Green.

David Long was born on 2 Oct 1805 in Dunkard Twp, Greene, Pennsylvania.

Eli Long was born on 10 Jan 1808 in Butler, Ohio.

Elias Long was born on 10 Jan 1808 in Butler, Ohio, died 9 Nov 1876 in Butler Co, Ohio, and was buried Nov 1876 in Miltonville Cemetery, Butler Co, Ohio. Elias married Phebe Overton Gardner (b. 8 Mar 1817, d. 10 Apr 1889 on 24 Jan 1835.

Noah Long Jr was born on 8 Aug 1810 in Butler, Ohio and died on 6 Nov 1885. Noah married Barbara M Bolinger (b. 28 Jul 1831).

When Noah Long died in 1818, he left land in Green County, Pennsylvania, but no will. Consequently, a suit was filed by his children to partition the land amongst the heirs. This suit, filed in 1822, lists Noah's children and then uses the phrase "of Butler County". It further names Elile as a fifteen year old minor, who had a guardian (Robert Brown, of Butler County). The assumption was that all of the children were in Butler then, which wasn't true. Without sorting them all out, about half of the children had relocated to Ohio, the others stayed behind in Greene. I believe Elile returned to Pennsylvania to live with his siblings there, and that is where he met and married Priscilla Kay.

The Coles in Indiana


Since Serena Cole was born in 1853 in Indiana, Francis was born 1849 in Ohio, and David and Martha are on the census of 1850 in Ohio, we can presume David and Martha moved to Indiana about 1851-1853. The earliest evidence I can find of David and Martha in Indiana is in 1858, when they bought land in Jay County, perhaps when they proved up their homestead. They continue to buy and sell land in Jay County until the mid 1860's, then they appear again in Clermont County in the 1870 census.

The earliest land record I've found in Jay County, Indiana was in April of 1858 when David Cole bought 80 acres in Section 12 of Township 13 in Range 13, which is known as Green Township, near the town of Portland.

I've placed an X on the map of Jay County showing the location of David and Martha, Elile Long, and Ruth Priest and her husband. The X is in sections 1, 2, 11, and 12, Green Township. (a township is 6 miles on a side, a section is 1 mile on a side). The earliest record I've found (there may be others) is James Kay in 1846 buying land in section 12, followed in 1848 by James and William Kay buying another parcel in the same section. In 1850 James Kay buys in adjacent section 11, and in 1855 Isaac Priest buys in section 1 (just to the north of James Kay). In 1858 David Cole bought 80 acres in section 12.

Here's a brief outline of the 1860 Census in Green Township. The numbers on the left are the dwelling number counted, a hint as to the general location of each family:

942 James and Nancy Kay

943 Elile and Priscilla Long

952 Isaac and Mary Priest

953 William and Nancy Priest

954 George and Ruth Priest

962 David and Martha Cole


We can tell from the land records shown above, and the census record, that the Coles probably lived immediately adjacent to the land James Kay owned, and where Elile and Priscilla lived. As well, nearby is Ruth Priest.

In 1862, David and Martha Cole leased their parcel in section 12, excepting a house and three acres, to Barnett Cole. Barnett was to clear some of the smaller trees off the land and fence it, probably for livestock. David and Martha sold this parcel in 1863. I don't know if Barnett is a relative or not; perhaps this is the Barney mentioned in the notes.

A Great Granddaughter of Minerva Cole had this note in her possession, which was written by Minerva's daughter.

According to this note, Martha's parents were "Alias" and Elizabeth Long, and were of Scotch origin. Martha had three sisters, Edna Broadwell, Ruth Priest, and Ella Schonover, and a brother Steve.

This note comes to me by way of yet another descendant, and is quite similar to the prior one. This time, though, it's "Eva" Broadwell, and "Elias" Long.