Mary Harriet Conover Ramsey

Mary Harriet Conover must have left her family in Brown County for Loveland, Ohio sometime in the early 1860's, for in 1868 she married John Wesley Ramsey, whose family was firmly entrenched in that growing community. Mary died in 1878 at the age of 33 shortly after the birth of her fourth child, Charles Ramsey, leaving her husband a widow with four children under the age of eight.

She was one of those genealogy puzzles that used both her given and middle names alternately during her life. She was listed as Mary on the 1850 census, Harriet on the 1860, Mary H Conover when she signed as witness to a land transaction between her parents and Jasper Dorman in 1862, Mary H Conover when she married, and finally Harriet is on her marker at Evergreen Cemetery in Miamiville, Ohio.

To John and Mary were born four children before her death: Mary (or Mayme), Ida, Laura, and Charles. It's possible their first child was William, who was born in January of 1869 and died in October of that same year, but I've not been able to show the connection. Mary and Ida remained single while living with their father, Laura married a Williams, and Charles might have married a Sarah. John apparently never remarried, as he is shown in the 1910 census with his three daughters; Laura was likely a widow then, as her daughter Alice was also in his household. He must have relied heavily on the many and close connections he had in Loveland to raise his family.

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