Noah and Lucinda in Warren County

Note: I am still working on the history of Noah's family after they moved to Warren County in the early 1870's, so more details will be added as I get them.

Noah was 70 when he bought a 15-acre parcel from Montraville A. Henry near Loveland, in Warren County. This was in 1872, and he continued to sell off small pieces of his Brown County holdings until 1874, perhaps to raise cash to build a house near where his daughter Mary and her family were living.

Sons John, Granville, Charles, and Elmer were teenagers then and Noah and Lucinda were probably contemplating retirement. My guess is that they spent a couple of years building a house during the winters, and the family moved into it about 1874 or so. Their son John Nelson Conover married Minerva Cole sometime after 1875, the daughter of David Cole and Martha Long who were living in nearby Goshen. Son Granville married Emma Luphema Williams in 1876, and Charles married Minerva's sister, Emma Cole, in 1880.

Noah died in January of 1877, and was buried in Goshen Cemetery. It appears as if the land he bought near Loveland went to his son, John Nelson Conover, but John is on the census in 1880 near Goshen, and son Charles and his new wife Emma are living on the Loveland parcel with Noah's widow, Lucinda.

Amanda Conover married Albert Mathew Furman in April of 1883. It's curious that they married in Springfield, and the marriage license is annotated with a note to "not publish" the marriage. Albert was the son of John Furman and Eliza Palmer, both of whom were from New York, and both died in 1882 and are buried in Mason, Warren County. Albert was previously married to Melissa Scull who died in 1881. Albert and Melissa had one daughter, Elva. Amanda and Albert had one son, Elmer. Amanda died in 1925 while living on Harris Street in Norwood, Albert died ten years later, and both are buried in Mason.

It was also in 1883 that Charles and Emma Conover bought land in what was known as Murdoch Estates, not very far from where his parents bought their parcel near Loveland. This land was bought from Ida Murdoch, the daughter of James Edward Murdoch, and was composed of three parcels totaling about 4 acres.

Lucinda died in 1886, and the Loveland parcel she and Noah had bought in 1872 was auctioned off to pay debts in 1888. Also in 1888, the youngest child of Noah and Lucinda, Elmer, married Clara Donnells.

The marker in Goshen Cemetery for Noah and Lucinda Conover.

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