May 1: Reworked Harding pages, converted to xhtml

February 13: Put up Erin's Chicago pages for the Flannery Clan


August 24: Revise Connelly pages.

June 24: Complete initial conversion of Conover pages.

May 29: Re-do the Ed Cassidy article pages.

May 28: Turn off new windows.

May 16: Begin converting email pages, add style sheets.


November 23: Added Cole and Long Families.

November 10: Rewrote Harding.

November 2: Began moving Graham pages from Rootsweb.

August 10: Moved Perley pages from Rootsweb.

August 8: Updated Ellison pages.

May 17: Added Price Cemetery pages. Updated Chapter 1 for Noah.

April 13: Rewrote Charles Conover, updated descendancy report.


June 25: Completed first draft of history of Noah Conover and descendants.

March 23: Added Ellison family

March 6: Moved Rickabaugh to earthlink

February 18: Added Family Tree graphic

February 3: Added article about John Rickabaugh

January 18: Added article about William and Mary Connelly from County Galway

January 13: Moved the Graham pages to Rootsweb

January 6: Added another chapter to Noah Conover

January 2: Changed the Noah Conover history navigation technique


December 8: Expanded the Kiester pages

November 24: Added the Puthoff and Flannery pages

November 18: Added some additional text on Noah Conover

November 11: The first part of Noah Conover's history (Conover family)

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