The Fehrmann Connection

My great-grandmother Hannah Kiester's death certificate lists her father's name as Louis Fehrman, mother unknown, and born in February of 1861. Vine Street Cemetery (Cincinnati, Ohio) records indicate her parents were Louis and Christina Fehrman.

The 1880 census lists her as Johana in the household of Christine Fehrman, then a widow. Louis' will in 1877 mentions his wife Christina, but names a Johana Kuester along with other children with the surname Kuester. Apparently Louis is her step-father, her mother having been married previously to a Kuester. A marriage record for Louis Fehrmann and Christine Kuester is dated 1863, two years after Hannah's birth.

A confirmation record from the First United Church of Christ in 1875 names a Johanna Kuester born on 27 February, 1861.

A death record for Caroline Marie Gerding, wife of Ludwig Fehrmann, is in the First United Church of Christ records, on 13 January, 1863.

A baptism record for Johanna Kuster, daughter of Karl Kuster and Christine Rueter can be found in the records of the Salem United Church of Christ, February, 1861.

Finally, the death of Karl Kuster, wife Christine Rueter, occured on 7 August, 1862, and can be found in the records of Salem United Church of Christ.

Before I found Louis' will, I was actively tracing the Fehrmann families in Cincinnati, with the idea the effort would lead me to the birthplace of her parents in Prussia. . What follows is what I know about some of the Cincinnati Fehrmann family.

Henry and William Fehrmann, bakers in Cumminsville (Cincinnati), Ohio

Christian Fehrmann, a cooper on Main Street

Louis Fehrmann

Other Fehrmanns

Conclusion and Next Steps

Descendants of Christian and Louis Fehrmann