Woebkenberg, Lezetta

Birth Name Woebkenberg, Lezetta 1234a
Birth Name Woebkenberg, Maria Theresia Elisabeth 5
Married Name Phillips
Also Known As Lisette
Also Known As Elizzeta
Gramps ID I177
Gender female
Age at Death 72 years, 6 months, 24 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death 1903-03-14 1131 Carney St, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio Death of Woebkenberg, Lezetta 4a6a
Burial 1903-03-17 St Mary’s Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio Burial of Woebkenberg, Lezetta 4a78
Census 1900-06-09 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio 917 Monastery Street 9a
Birth 1830-08-21 Hunteburg Birth of Woebkenberg, Maria Theresia Elisabeth 5


Father Woebkenberg, Johann Heinrich [I299]
Mother Kreuzmann, Dorothea Maria Elisabeth [I300]
  1. Woebkenberg, Joseph [I302]
  2. Woebkenberg, Catherine Elisabeth Henrietta Bernadina [I303]
  3. Woebkenberg, Martin [I304]
  4. Woebkenberg, Adolph [I305]
  5. Woebkenberg, Maria Anna [I306]


Married Husband Phillips, Louis
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage Sept 1851 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio Marriage of Phillips, Louis and Woebkenberg, Lezetta  
  1. Phillips, Augusta [I16]
Married Husband Angelbeck, Friedrich Wilhelm
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1849-05-31 Hunteburg Marriage of Angelbeck, Friedrich Wilhelm and Woebkenberg, Maria Theresia Elisabeth 5a


Date Street City County State/ Province Country Postal Code Phone Sources
1887 54 Baum, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio             10
1890 164 E 5Th, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio             10a
1894 169 Clay, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio             10
1900 1103 St Gregory, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio             10
1902 1109 Belvedere, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio             10


is in household of Michael Waters.


A confectioner, likely match.


is listed as widow of Louis


is listed as a widow of Louis

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  1. Woebkenberg, Johann Heinrich
    1. Kreuzmann, Dorothea Maria Elisabeth
      1. Woebkenberg, Lezetta
        1. Phillips, Louis
          1. Phillips, Augusta
        2. Angelbeck, Friedrich Wilhelm
      2. Woebkenberg, Joseph
      3. Woebkenberg, Catherine Elisabeth Henrietta Bernadina
      4. Woebkenberg, Martin
      5. Woebkenberg, Adolph
      6. Woebkenberg, Maria Anna


Woebkenberg, Claus Herbert
Enneking, Maria Agnes
Kreuzmann, Johan Heinrich
Wehlage, Maria Theresia