Noah Conover

My great great grandfather Noah Conover was born in 1802 in New Jersey, moved with his mother and brothers to Ohio in 1816 after his father died, farmed in Brown County for many years, and died in 1877. This is my attempt at describing his history, as well as his family.

I'm not going to dwell much on his ancestors, as the need to document Noah's family was greater.

I'm still writing this history: you are seeing a work in progress, a first draft. Links that are ready for viewing (they are underlined) are activated below.



Chapter 1    New Jersey to Ohio

Chapter 2    Brown County, Ohio

Chapter 3    Mary Harriet Conover

Chapter 4    Brown County, Part II

Chapter 5    Warren County

Chapter 6    Charles H Conover

Appendix A   Descendants of Noah Conover

Appendix B   Maps of Clermont County

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