Court Records Relating to Adam Rickabaugh and his sons

The transcriptions of these documents are fairly rough, and I make no guarantee of their accuracy. If you have a specific question relating to something that doesn't make sense, feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to deal with the problem.

Probate records for Adam Rickabaugh (b. 1761), Gallia County, Ohio, 21 Oct 1836.

This documents Adam's Last Will and Testament, his children, and many neighbors. Witnesses were John Gibson, Elizabeth Gibson, and John White. Administrator was John Rickabaugh. Contest bonds were posted by John Rickabaugh and Martin Koontz. Others mentioned were James Wood, Harrison Wood, Nehamiah Atwood, William Ridgeway, and Philip Wolfenbarger. Volume D, page 258.

Minor Settlement for William Rickabaugh, Gallia County, 28 Oct 1839.

This was the final settling of accounts for Simeon Roach, who was William's legal gaurdian. William ended up owing Sieon $27.27. This also documents that Adamsville was surveyed in November of 1827, the first lots were sold on 18 November 1827, and a second sale of lots was held on 9 July 1838. Volume D, page 361.

Probate Records for Adam Rickabaugh, Gallia County, 8 May 1842.

Adam died in Illinois. His probate was administered by William Rickabaugh. I had originally thought that this Adam was the son of the Adam shown above, but now I'm pretty sure he's the son of another Rickabaugh.Names mentioned are the judges, Anderson Hughes, Robert Armstrong, and Joseph Rife; John Rickabaugh; appraisers Isaac Troth, Theodotious Williams, and James Pollack; a Wood, John Hawkins, and a Kirby. Volume D, page 671.

Probate Settlement for Adam Rickabaugh (b. 1761), Gallia County, 21 Oct 1850.

These documents describe the final settlement of Adam Rickabaugh's will. Volume E, page 504.

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