Waters, Louis Charles

Birth Name Waters, Louis Charles 1a
Gramps ID I17
Gender male
Age at Death 71 years, 3 months, 6 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1878-02-23 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio Birth of Waters, Louis Charles 1
Death 1949-05-29 4001 Grove Ave, Mariemont, Hamilton, Ohio Death of Waters, Louis Charles 12a
Burial 1949-06-01 St. Mary’s Cemetery, St. Bernard, Hamilton, Ohio Burial of Waters, Louis Charles 1a3
Occupation between 1927 and 1949   a maintenance man for the Cincinnati Enquirer 2


Father Waters, Michael H [I14]
Mother Phillips, Augusta [I16]
  1. Waters, Lizetta [I19]
  2. Waters, Augusta [I22]
  3. Waters, Mary [I20]
  4. Waters, Dorothy M [I13]
  5. Waters, Martha L [I21]
  6. Waters, Bernania [I18]


never married

Source References

  1. Interment record for Louis Charles Waters [S63]
    1. Page: Lot 221 sec 12;   Confidence: Very High
  2. Cincinnati Enquirer [S70]
    1. Page: Obituary for Louis Waters, 5/30/1949, page 34:2;   Confidence: Very High
  3. Photograph of grave marker [S82]


  1. Waters, Michael H
    1. Phillips, Augusta
      1. Waters, Lizetta
      2. Waters, Louis Charles
      3. Waters, Augusta
      4. Waters, Mary
      5. Waters, Dorothy M
      6. Waters, Martha L
      7. Waters, Bernania


Waters, James
Phillips, Louis
Woebkenberg, Claus Herbert
Enneking, Maria Agnes
Kreuzmann, Johan Heinrich
Wehlage, Maria Theresia