Tracey, Thomas

Birth Name Tracey, Thomas 1a
Gramps ID I198
Gender male
Age at Death 81 years, 9 months, 20 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1865 Ohio Birth of Tracey, Thomas 1a
Death 1946-10-21 1615 Herbert, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio Death of Tracey, Thomas 2
Burial 1946-10-24 St Joseph’s New Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio Burial of Tracey, Thomas 2a


Father Tracey, Jeremiah [I178]
Mother Sweeney, Hanorah
  1. Tracey, Hanorah [I195]
  2. Tracey, Maria [I196]
  3. Tracey, Margaret [I197]
  4. Tracey, Cornelius [I221]
  5. Tracey, William [I199]


Married Wife Ryan, Margaret
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage     Marriage of Tracey, Thomas and Ryan, Margaret 2b

Source References

  1. 1870 US Census [S37]
    1. Page: 1st Ward, page 51;   Confidence: Very High
  2. St Joseph’s Cemetery Records [S52]
    1. Page: LDS Fim 1510051;   Confidence: Very High
    2. Page: LDS Film 1510051;   Confidence: Very High


  1. Tracey, Jeremiah
    1. Sweeney, Hanorah
      1. Tracey, Cornelius
      2. Tracey, Hanorah
      3. Tracey, Maria
      4. Tracey, Margaret
      5. Tracey, Thomas
        1. Ryan, Margaret
      6. Tracey, William


Tracey, Cornelius
McManus, Thomas
, Mary
Sweeney, Hanorah
Sweeney, Thomas
, Mary