Tracey, William

Birth Name Tracey, William 1a
Gramps ID I199
Gender male
Age at Death 6 months, 21 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1870-02-00 Ohio Birth of Tracey, William 1a
Death 1870-08-22 300 E 3Rd, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio Death of Tracey, William 2
Burial 1870-08-25 St Joseph’s Old Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio Burial of Tracey, William 2a


Father Tracey, Jeremiah [I178]
Mother Sweeney, Hanorah
  1. Tracey, Hanorah [I195]
  2. Tracey, Maria [I196]
  3. Tracey, Margaret [I197]
  4. Tracey, Cornelius [I221]
  5. Tracey, Thomas [I198]

Source References

  1. 1870 US Census [S37]
    1. Page: 1st Ward, page 51;   Confidence: Very High
  2. St Joseph’s Cemetery Records [S52]
    1. Page: LDS Film 1854783;   Confidence: Very High


  1. Tracey, Jeremiah
    1. Sweeney, Hanorah
      1. Tracey, Cornelius
      2. Tracey, Hanorah
      3. Tracey, Maria
      4. Tracey, Margaret
      5. Tracey, Thomas
      6. Tracey, William


Tracey, Cornelius
McManus, Thomas
, Mary
Sweeney, Hanorah
Sweeney, Thomas
, Mary