Flannery, Charles Cornelius

Birth Name Flannery, Charles Cornelius 1a2a
Gramps ID I227
Gender male
Age at Death 59 years, 2 months, 16 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1912-08-05 1318 Main St, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio Birth of Flannery, Charles Cornelius 3a1a4a
Death 1971-10-21 2835 Astoria Ave, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio Death of Flannery, Charles Cornelius 1a3b
Burial 1971-10-25 St. Mary’s Cemetery, St. Bernard, Hamilton, Ohio Burial of Flannery, Charles Cornelius 1a5
Occupation     a bartender 1a


Father Flannery, Patrick Joseph [I42]
Mother Puthoff, Mathilda Sophia
  1. Flannery, Marcella [I242]
  2. Flannery, William H. [I228]
  3. Flannery, Edmund [I234]
  4. Flannery, Raymond J. [I232]
  5. Flannery, Mary Elizabeth [I229]
  6. Flannery, Arthur [I233]


died single

Source References

  1. Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society Statistics, 1880-1987 , St Joseph’s and St Mary's [S100]
    1. Page: Statistics card for Cahrles C. Flannery;   Confidence: Very High
  2. Various Interviews with Mary E. Flannery, Informant Address : 2835 Astoria Ave, Cincinnati [S101]
    1. Page: Phone conversation on 26 Oct 2000;   Confidence: Very High
  3. Cincinnati Post [S28]
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    2. Page: 22 October 1971, page 43;   Confidence: Very High
  4. Birth Records at Cincinnati Vitals [S102]
    1. Page: Name listed as Cornelius;   Confidence: Very High
  5. Photograph of grave marker [S82]


  1. Flannery, Patrick Joseph
    1. Puthoff, Mathilda Sophia
      1. Flannery, Arthur
      2. Flannery, Marcella
      3. Flannery, William H.
      4. Flannery, Edmund
      5. Flannery, Charles Cornelius
      6. Flannery, Raymond J.
      7. Flannery, Mary Elizabeth


Flannery, John
, Ann
Tracey, Cornelius
McManus, Thomas
, Mary
Puthoff, Mathilda Sophia
Puthoff, Johann Heinrich Frans
Puthoff, Johann Heinrich
Puthoff, Frans
Meier, Anna Maria
Schroder, Maria Elisabeth
Willenburg, Bernadina
Willenburg, Henry
Shoemaker, Elizabeth