Connelly, Margaret

Birth Name Connelly, Margaret 1
Gramps ID I163
Gender female
Age at Death 5 months, 12 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1927-04-00 Ohio Birth of Connelly, Margaret 1
Death 1927-09-13 Ohio Death of Connelly, Margaret 1
Burial 1927-09-16 St Joseph’s New Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio Burial of Connelly, Margaret 1


Father Connelly, John Robert [I30]
Mother Luxenberger, Stella
  1. Connelly, Ruth [I145]
  2. Connelly, Pat [I146]
  3. Connelly, Jim [I147]
  4. Connelly, Ron [I150]
  5. Connelly, Dorothy [I149]
  6. Connelly, John "Jack" [I148]
  7. Connelly, Anna [I144]

Source References

  1. St Joseph’s Cemetery Records [S52]


  1. Connelly, John Robert
    1. Luxenberger, Stella
      1. Connelly, Anna
      2. Connelly, Ruth
      3. Connelly, Pat
      4. Connelly, Jim
      5. Connelly, John "Jack"
      6. Connelly, Dorothy
      7. Connelly, Ron
      8. Connelly, Margaret


Connelly, Patrick
, Mary
Donnelly, James
, Winifred
Flannery, John
, Ann
Tracey, Cornelius
Luxenberger, Stella
Luxenberger, John
Beirleiu, Elizabeth