Connelly, Pat

Birth Name Connelly, Pat 1
Birth Name Bisher
Gramps ID I146
Gender female


Father Connelly, John Robert [I30]
Mother Luxenberger, Stella
  1. Connelly, Margaret [I163]
  2. Connelly, Ruth [I145]
  3. Connelly, Jim [I147]
  4. Connelly, Ron [I150]
  5. Connelly, Dorothy [I149]
  6. Connelly, John "Jack" [I148]
  7. Connelly, Anna [I144]


Married Husband Bisher
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage     Marriage of Bisher, and Connelly, Pat  


Date Street City County State/ Province Country Postal Code Phone Sources
1978 Westwood, Hamilton, Ohio             1

Source References

  1. Obituary for John Connelly Sr. [S46]


  1. Connelly, John Robert
    1. Luxenberger, Stella
      1. Connelly, Anna
      2. Connelly, Ruth
      3. Connelly, Pat
        1. Bisher
      4. Connelly, Jim
      5. Connelly, John "Jack"
      6. Connelly, Dorothy
      7. Connelly, Ron
      8. Connelly, Margaret


Connelly, Patrick
, Mary
Donnelly, James
, Winifred
Flannery, John
, Ann
Tracey, Cornelius
Luxenberger, Stella
Luxenberger, John
Beirleiu, Elizabeth