Flannery, Cornelius

Birth Name Flannery, Cornelius
Gramps ID I41
Gender male
Age at Death 31 years, 5 months, 7 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1867 Ohio Birth of Flannery, Cornelius  
Death 1898-06-08 389 Oregon, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio Death of Flannery, Cornelius 1a2a
Burial 1898-06-10 St Joseph’s New Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio Burial of Flannery, Cornelius 3a


Father Flannery, Patrick [I31]
Mother Tracey, Annie [I36]
  1. Flannery, Nora [I254]
  2. Flannery, John [I39]
  3. Flannery, Mary "Mayme" [I40]
  4. Flannery, Patrick Joseph [I42]
  5. Flannery, Margaret "Maggie" [I225]
  6. Flannery, Anne [I24]

Source References

  1. Cincinnati Daily Commercial Death Notices 1858-1899 [S54]
    1. Page: "Daily Mortality Report", 10 June 1898;   Confidence: Very High
  2. Hamilton County Vital Records [S103]
    1. Page: Card file;   Confidence: Very High
  3. Interment record for Cornelius Flannery [S67]
    1. Page: Sect 13 Lot 36;   Confidence: Very High


  1. Flannery, Patrick
    1. Tracey, Annie
      1. Flannery, Anne
      2. Flannery, Nora
      3. Flannery, John
      4. Flannery, Mary "Mayme"
      5. Flannery, Cornelius
      6. Flannery, Patrick Joseph
      7. Flannery, Margaret "Maggie"


Flannery, John
, Ann
Tracey, Cornelius
McManus, Thomas
, Mary