Cassidy, Martin Edward

Birth Name Cassidy, Martin Edward
Gramps ID I2
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1950-05-08 Seattle, King, WA Birth of Cassidy, Martin Edward  
Christening   Seattle, King, WA Christening of Cassidy, Martin Edward  


Father Cassidy, Edward Eugene
Mother Connelly, Martha Jean [I7]
  1. Cassidy, Glenn Richard [I8]
  2. Cassidy, Lynn Jeanette [I9]
  3. Cassidy, William Joseph [I37]
  4. Cassidy, Myra Alice [I10]


Married Wife Harding, Christine Louise
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1973-01-04 Seattle, King, WA Marriage of Cassidy, Martin Edward and Harding, Christine Louise  
  1. Cassidy, Rachel Christine [I4]
  2. Cassidy, Kathleen Alexis [I5]


BIRTH-HOSPITAL: Providence Hospital, Seattle, WA.

BIRTH-RESIDENCE: 1520 Lakeview Place, Seattle, WA.

BIOGRAPHY: SSN is 539-48-7037. Graduated Eisenhower High School, Yakima, Yakima, WA 1968 Graduated University of Washington, Seattle, King, WA 1972

MAILADDRESS: 2900 First Avenue #N410 Seattle, WA 98121


  1. Cassidy, Edward Eugene
    1. Connelly, Martha Jean
      1. Cassidy, Martin Edward
        1. Harding, Christine Louise
          1. Cassidy, Rachel Christine
          2. Cassidy, Kathleen Alexis
      2. Cassidy, Glenn Richard
      3. Cassidy, Lynn Jeanette
      4. Cassidy, William Joseph
      5. Cassidy, Myra Alice