Connelly, Robert Paul

Birth Name Connelly, Robert Paul
Gramps ID I51
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1921 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio Birth of Connelly, Robert Paul  
Education   Withrow High School, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio Education of Connelly, Robert Paul 1
No Name 1945-02-10     1a
Milit-Beg 1944-10-30     2a


Father Connelly, Patrick James [I12]
Mother Waters, Dorothy M [I13]
  1. Connelly, Birna D [I11]
  2. Connelly, James "Red" [I54]
  3. Connelly, Louis T [I72]
  4. Connelly, Martha Jean [I7]
  5. Connelly, Eileen P [I15]


Married Wife Meidel, Mary Jean
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1951-09-01 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio Marriage of Connelly, Robert Paul and Meidel, Mary Jean 3a


Date Street City County State/ Province Country Postal Code Phone Sources
1950-08-25 4225 Broadway Ave, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio             3a


was injured during Worl War II while in the Navy (Radioman Third Class)

Source References

  1. Cincinnati Enquirer [S2]
    1. Page: "Three Hamilton County Soldiers...", 10 Feb 1945, page 6.;   Confidence: Very High
  2. Cincinnati Post [S28]
    1. Page: "On the Field of Honor", 30 Oct 1944, page 14.;   Confidence: Very High
  3. Marriage Certificate for Robert Patrick Connelly and Mary J ean Meidel [S93]
    1. Page: Number 343;   Confidence: Very High
  4. Combat Connected Naval Casualties, World War II [S62]


  1. Connelly, Patrick James
    1. Waters, Dorothy M
      1. Connelly, Birna D
      2. Connelly, Martha Jean
      3. Connelly, Eileen P
      4. Connelly, Robert Paul
        1. Meidel, Mary Jean
      5. Connelly, James "Red"
      6. Connelly, Louis T